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DIBRA manages the entire range of exotic fruits produced worldwide. The brand is on the packaging of consumer sales units (stickers, trays, films).

Commercial operations:

> Dibra mangoes from West Africa 

TERRASOL is a brand that was created in 1961 and is the reference for pineapple and papaya production in Ecuador. Terrasol was the first integrated pineapple farm for export in Latin America.

SELVATICA is SIIM’s exclusive brand for its entire range of premium bananas from Ecuador, recognised for its wide segmentation and quality – Extra, Jumbo, Plantain, Organic, Fairtrade, Single, 5 fruits, Rose, Freycinette bananas – stated on all packaging.

LE MARCHÉ is dedicated to premium vegetables, in particular green beans and mangetout peas, produced by SIIM in Kenya. Vegetables from Zimbabwe and Guatemala, produced as supplements, are also Le Marché brand packaged, with a design tailored to these production countries.

Edward Evans – Don Ed – created the Terrasol pineapple plantation in Ecuador in 1961. The DON ED’S brand was created in tribute to him, to highlight an exceptional pineapple, transported by air and representing more than half a century of expertise, our heritage and our pride.

FINE is a brand that was created by SIIM in 1978 and is the reference brand for pineapples by air.

The ELIT brand is the historic brand of SIIM, originally created in 1978 to promote the production of pineapples and bananas from the Ivory Coast of President Houphouët-Boigny, then a partner of SIIM.

CROQ’APY is a brand that was created to manage the range of premium apples and pears. It is part of the Bratigny offering.



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