A family legacy spanning six generations

1850 - 2022

Omer Decugis


Omer Decugis was born in 1815 in the Var town of Solliès-Pont in France. In 1850, he set up the company Etablissements Omer-Decugis et Fils for the supply and wholesale of fruit and vegetables


Creation of Etablissements Omer-Decugis et Fils in Les Halles, Paris
Tableau Jules Monge 1885
Leuville 1906 - Histoire Omer Decugis & Cie

Early 1900

Development of the regional network in France and start of the first exports


Etablissements Omer-Decugis et Fils are the French leader in fruit and vegetables trade
Les Halles, Paris 1er - Histoire Omer Decugis & Cie
Marché de Rungis 1969


Transfer of activities to Rungis International Market


Etablissements Omer-Decugis work with Fyffes-United Fruit Company (Chiquita). Development of international activities and strengthening of links with Africa


Separation from Fyffes-United Fruit and creation of SIIM in association with Félix Houphouët-Boigny (Côte d’Ivoire). Development of the range of tropical products sourced from West Africa. Acquisition of Lachialle and Bratigny


The Omer-Decugis family regains full control of the Group by acquiring the 49% stake held by the Houphouët-Boigny family.


Lachialle-Bratigny SA becomes Bratigny


Opening of the C3 and C5 platforms at Rungis International Market and development of the ripe products range
SIIM Bâtiment C3 MIN Rungis


IFS Food certification obtained for SIIM, which also became an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Creation of the Louis Omer-Decugis Corporate Foundation


Establishment in Latin America (Ecuador). SIIM joins the United Nations Global Compact. Bratigny obtains the FEL’Excellence label

Rachat SAS Marcelette - Histoire Omer Decugis & Cie


Acquisition of the business assets of Marcellette, which specialises in high-end fruit and vegetables, and merger with Bratigny


Increase in ripening capacity to 50,000 tonnes
SIIM mûrissage bananes - Histoire Omer Decugis & Cie
Rachat de Coicault Thomas - Histoire Omer Decugis & Cie


Acquisition of Coicault-Thomas, a wholesaler specialising in apples and pears, and merger with Bratigny. Creation of OD Ressources, a subsidiary dedicated to ripening and packaging of the Group’s products.


Opening of the new ripening and packaging platform at Rungis International Market with a ripening capacity of 100,000 tonnes
Omer Decugis SIIM plateforme I1
2021 Omer-Decugis & Cie acquires Anarex


Acquisition of Anarex, a wholesaler specialising in ethnic and exotic products

Family album

A journey to the heart of the Group’s history

Les Halles Paris - Histoire Omer Decugis & Cie