Madagascar lychees

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Packaging for conventional and Fairtrade lychees

Dibra Lychee Madagascar - 2kg box

2kg box

Madagascar lychees packaged in 2kg Dibra box

500g cotton net

Madagascar lychees packaged in cotton net. 500g

Lychee Madagascar Cotton net 500g
Lychee Madagascar Cotton net 1kg

1kg cotton net

Madagascar lychees packaged in cotton net. 1kg

650g punnet

Madagascar lychees packaged in 650g Dibra punnet. Fairtrade Max Havelaar.

Litchi Madagascar Dibra Fairtrade Barquette

What exactly does “Fairtrade” mean in the case of Malagasy lychees?

Litchi Dibra Fairtrade de Madagascar

Guaranteed minimum wage for workers

Guaranteed minimum wage for workers plus bonus at the end of the lychee season

Litchi Madagascar Faitrade : une aide aux producteurs malgaches

Financial assistance for producers

Financial assistance provided to 41 producers committed to fair trade to help them maintain their plantations and fund training programmes

Litchi de Madagascar Dibra SIIM

Support for local projects

Support for development projects in aid of local communities. A road construction and school renovation

SIIM - Omer Decugis

Quality and traceability

Quality control, protection of fruit and packaging

After an initial phase of visual sorting in the orchard, the lychees are delivered to the station, where their quality is checked against a set of export specifications.

Next, the lychees are fumigated with sulphur in accordance with a rigorous traceability protocol laid down by CIRAD (Centre de Coopération International en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement), a French body, with the aim of preserving the fruit during transport and distribution while respecting the MRL maximum residue level of pesticide (10 milligrams per kilogram for the pulp). Finally, the fruit is packaged and prepared for export.

The Group technical department helps producers and exporters improve their Quality Management System.

Dibra Lychee Madagascar
Dibra Lychee Madagascar

Certifications and labels

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