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SIIM - Omer Decugis

A French specialist in pineapples, our range includes:

Carbon Neutral pineapple

Extra Sweet

A pineapple grown in Ecuador and transported by ship. BSCI certified, it is also the first zero carbon pineapple in the world.

Carbon neutral pineapple certifications

Smooth Cayenne

A pineapple transported by air, sourced from Cameroon, under the Fine and Dibra brands.

Certification Global Gap - Omer Decugis
Ananas Cayenne Lisse Dibra - SIIM - Omer Decugis
Ananas Pain de Sucre bio Dibra - SIIM - Omer Decugis


A pineapple transported by air from Benin under the Dibra brand. This pineapple is 100% organically grown.

Certification ananas pain de sucre

Don Ed's

A premium pineapple transported by air from Ecuador under the Terrasol brand.

Carbon neutral pineapple certifications
Don Ed's


SIIM - Omer Decugis

The world’s first zero carbon pineapple!

A “ZEN*” pineapple

As part of our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, we are proud to offer the first zero carbon pineapple since May 2021. The entire supply chain of our Extra Sweet Ecuadorian pineapples, from plantation to distribution, is now 100% carbon neutral.

*ZEN: Zero Net Emissions

Conditionnement ananas Terrasol en Equateur - Omer Decugis
Ananas transport carbon neutral - Omer Decugis

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