Taking steps towards sustainable agriculture that is respectful of the regions and people


The Group’s six priority commitments

Committed to sustainable agriculture, which is important for economic progress and respectful of regions and people, the Omer-Decugis & Cie Group has developed a quality and social responsibility policy that is perfectly integrated into its general policy and in line with its way of thinking:

To contribute to the development of a diversified and high-quality food offering worldwide, by offering product diversity and taste quality to European consumers of fresh fruit and vegetables.

This policy aims to meet the expectations of the Group’s stakeholders, who have carried out a mapping process, making it possible to define six priority commitments:

Commitment 1

The search for the best fresh fruits and vegetables

Commitment 2

Application of international best agricultural practices

Commitment 3

Responsible logistics at all levels of the value chain

Commitment 4

Co-building sustainable and balanced relationships with our customers and partners

Commitment 5

A socially responsible employer

Commitment 6

Philanthropy as an extension of our values and our activities through the Louis Omer-Decugis Corporate Foundation

United Nations Global Compact signatory since 2015

Logo global compact

In keeping with its convictions, the Omer-Decugis & Cie Group signed the United Nations Global Compact on 23 March 2015, thereby committing to promote and abide by the pact’s Ten Principles divided into four main themes: human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

The international Global Compact initiative was launched in 2000 by the former United Nations Secretary-General with the aim of rallying businesses, UN bodies, the world of employment and society as a whole behind a set of universal principles. Joining the pact was a means of pursuing our Group’s commitment to promoting and spreading responsible practices throughout the world.

The Group also wished to establish a reference framework for its global corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy by combining its quality, social and environmental policies and its action in support of the public interest. By displaying its commitment to the Global Compact on all communication media, the Group encourages its employees to act as ambassadors for this international public interest initiative among customers and stakeholders.


Product certifications


Global GAP, Rainforest Alliance, Carbon Neutral / Sambito, Organic Agriculture, Fairtrade 


Global GAP, BSCI, Carbon Neutral / Sambito / TüV, Organic Agriculture


Global GAP, BSCI, Rainforest Alliance, Organic Agriculture, Fairtrade 


Global GAP, Rainforest Alliance, Organic Agriculture

Sugarloaf pineapple

Global GAP, Organic Agriculture

Smooth Cayenne

Global GAP

Green Bean

Global GAP, Rainforest Alliance, ISO 22000