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The world’s first “carbon neutral” pineapple!

Tasty, unique and eco-responsible!

Carbon neutral pineapple

A carbon neutral pineapple !

This pineapple contributes to the preservation of 1986 hectares of primary forest in Limón Indanza, Ecuador.

The carbon footprint of the entire supply chain, from the production phase in Santo Domingo in Ecuador to our logistics platform at the Rungis MIN in France, was measured by the Sambito Environmental Agency. This measure made it possible to determine the compensation necessary to achieve carbon neutrality. For this compensation, we have chosen two projects related to the environment in Ecuador and Brazil.

The 100% zero carbon certification of our Terrasol Ecuadorian pineapple was issued by TUV Rheinland.
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Ecuador : an exceptional terroir

Ecuador’s Extra Sweet pineapple is cultivated at zero latitude on the side of the Andes. It derives its exceptional flavor from the richness of the volcanic lands on which it is produced, associated with the country’s climate and the constant attention of the production teams.
Ananas Terrasol Equateur un terroir d'exception

A pineapple with an exceptional flavor

Ecuadorian pineapple is characterized by its tasty and unique taste, its yellow flesh, its green exterior color with yellow reflections and its pretty green crown.
Ananas Terrasol extra sweet

An eco-responsible pineapple

The Extra Sweet Terrasol pineapple is cultivated in accordance with the most demanding social and environmental standards of sustainable agriculture.

Grower's expertise

Grown on volcanic land, at zero latitude and on the side of the Andes, our Rainforest Alliance certified pineapples are produced in accordance with best agricultural practices.
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