Mangoes and avocados:
A range of fruit with guaranteed ripeness

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Mangoes & avocados

Mangue Dibra Afrique de l'Ouest - Omer Decugis


Transported by ship, we mainly supply Kent mangoes, but also Keith, Ameli, Osteen or Palmer mangoes, depending on the season.

Dibra Mango Certifications


Mainly imported from Spain, but also from Peru and Kenya. Grades: 12/14/16/18/20/22/24/ Pack 26,28,30,32, our Haas avocados have a unique taste!

Certification agriculture biologique mangue bio Dibra - Omer Decugis
Avocat Haas Dibra - Omer Decugis
SIIM - Omer Decugis

Carefully selected ripe fruits

Ripening and internal quality analysis

Carefully ripened on our Rungis ripening platform, our guaranteed ripened mangoes and avocados are a separate offer, in addition to our product ranges.

This offer is based on specific technical expertise combined with the high technology of a smart grader. Within a strict hygiene framework, we guarantee ripeness by selecting fruits according to internal quality criteria (ripeness, sugar level, physiological defects) and external quality criteria (appearance, skin defects) using three indicators: firmness, ultrasound, infra-red.

Mangue sélection par maturité Aweta - Omer Decugis
Aweta Inscan mangue Dibra - Omer Decugis

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Mangue Dibra - Omer Decugis
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