Business integration

Production - importing - ripening- distribution

SIIM - Omer Decugis

Tropical fruit production

Production ananas Equateur

Fruit and vegetables sourced from Latin America and Africa

Working with local producers in Latin America (Ecuador) and Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Kenya), our fruits and vegetables benefit from agricultural protocols for sustainable agriculture for French and European consumers

SIIM - Omer Decugis

Logistics serving fresh produce

Importation fruits exotiques par bateau

A fully integrated supply chain serving customers

Our complete control of the logistics and supply chain, combined with our quality management system, allows us to guarantee compliance with deadlines (time to market), cost control and the quality of our fruit and vegetables.

SIIM - Omer Decugis

Ripening and packaging

Murissage de bananes SIIM Rungis

The largest ripening plant in France with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes

We have recognised expertise in ripening of exotic fruits (bananas, mangoes, avocados) as well as a ripening platform with a current total capacity of 100,000 tonnes, making it the largest ripening facility in France.

SIIM - Omer Decugis

Distribution and wholesale market

Bratigny grossiste fruits et légumes Rungis

Bratigny, wholesaler at Rungis International Market

We have 16 doors in pavilion D2 of Rungis International Market, for our market wholesaler activity: Bratigny.

With more than 1,000 seasonal products, Bratigny offers seasonal fruit and vegetables with guaranteed freshness all year round: citrus fruits, tomatoes, red fruits, berries, etc.

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