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A wide range of exotic fruits

Lime citron vert - Omer Decugis


A tangy exotic fruit with a very fragrant taste, cultivated in Latin America in a tropical climate.

Certification lime - Omer Decugis


A dry or fresh coconut, which is both crunchy and thirst-quenching and produced on the sunny-drenched soils of West Africa.

Coconut certifications
Dibra coconut
Banane plantain Selvatica - Omer Decugis

Plantain banana

Grown in Ecuador, this yellow or green “vegetable banana” is generally cooked.

Certification Global GAP Chain of Custody SIIM

Sweet potato

Orange or white in colour, the sweet potato is a colourful and slightly sweet fruit.

Certification Global Gap - Omer Decugis
Patate douce - Omer Decugis
Gingembre - SIIM - Omer Decugis


A powerful and spicy aroma.

Certification Global Gap Grasp - Omer Decugis


A vegetable that is liked for both savoury and sweet dishes!

Certification Global Gap - Omer Decugis
Manioc - Siim- Omer Decugis
Banane rose - SIIM - Omer Decugis

Pink banana

A banana with a dewy skin. Very sweet and fragrant, it is grown in Ecuador in an ideal tropical climate.

Certification Global GAP Chain of Custody SIIM
SIIM - Omer Decugis

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A 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable ribbon made from bagasse (fibrous residue from grinding sugar canes).

Lime :

The net is made from vegetable fibre.

Dibra coconut
Lime citron vert - emballage filet - Siim - Omer Decugis

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Lime citron vert - Siim - Omer Decugis